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Healthcare ERP - Overview

Enterprise Resource Planning has been the ultimate solution to many sectors and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals require more connectivity because the information to be passed is vital and will not serve the purpose if it does not reach in time. Unlike other business wherein the loss could be measured only in monetary terms the loss in this sector is in terms of human lives.

The healthcare industry is focused on improving the quality of healthcare and operational efficiency while reducing costs and optimizing back-end operations. To maximize profits, reduce costs and achieve a seamless healthcare continuum, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of back-end business functions across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, finance and billing. It can be achieved by business process optimization and technology enablement through successful Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation.

At Profmax, our experienced domain consultants have extensive experience in Healthcare ERP, supply chain management, human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management and business process optimization.

Many companies have focused on improving their core human capital management (HCM) functions including payroll, benefits, time management, and position management. The next step in the evolution from administrative to strategic is to align your core HCM with your talent management as depicted in the following diagram.


A complete Integrated Healthcare ERP solution/ Hospital Management System (HMS)/ Hospital Management Information System (HMIS),Core Services - Patient Registration, OPD, Emergency, In-Patient, Investigations/ Lab, OT Services, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Elec. Medical Records,Support Services - Patient Billing, Enquiry/Appointment, CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department), Diet & Kitchen, Linen & Laundry, Bio-Medical Waste, Transportation,Back Office Management - HR Management, Payroll Management, Accounts/ Financial Management, Store/ Inventory Management,Integration with - Legacy System, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), D R System


We ensure maximum value realization from your Healthcare ERP-related IT investments by leveraging the technology aspect of ERP projects coupled with value to identify the areas of operational improvement and unrealized value potential. Business process improvements and Provider ERP package configurations are targeted to deliver maximum improvements in operational Key Performance Indicators.

There is no doubt about the credibility of the current ERP applications in the hospitality sector. However the desire to bring more connectivity remains the unfulfilled dream of this sector. The consolation is that this has been taken seriously by Profmax and we are constantly working on to develop better applications for Healthcare industry.

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Reasons for the increased demand of ERP in healthcare

Some of the reasons for the increasing demand in healthcare are as follows:

To Adopt Best Practices

As hospitals multiply at a fast pace there is a constant urge to induce professionalism and best practices in the industry. In this context patients demand more than the previous days. They naturally want the best return for the money. When the industry is developing at a great speed with the two elements namely business and service gets stirred in proportions. In this situation no hospital can continue with the old age practices and technologies and still charge heavily. Therefore it becomes imperative for hospitals to adopt the latest trends in terms of technology and acumen in order to retain customer loyalty.

There is no need to advocate hospitals to get the latest medical equipments or follow the medical practices. It happens naturally otherwise their survival will become a question mark. However after repeated experiences and acid tests hospitals have become prune to investing in latest technology like Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP and at the same time justify their cost.

For Better Patient care

Hospitals were not few and far between in the olden days. Hence the patients yielded to the demands of hospitals every time even if it meant lesser quality of treatment for the charges because they had no other choice. The rate of hospital expansion is alarming. They have mushroomed every where. Patients are no more at the mercy of doctors but it is vice versa. When a patient is not satisfied he/ she will not visit the hospital anymore. When it comes to treatment there should not be more than minor discrepancies among hospitals that are off at the same standards. One parameter for measuring the quality of treatment is the technology involved in offering it. This technology not only creates a level of comfort but also helps the patient to be confident that he is receiving the best treatment.

Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP will prove this better. Consumers themselves demand tools like ERP and strongly rate it when it comes to the question of embarking with the hospital environment. There can be no wonder in saying that they have proved to be an important factor for influencing the hospitals to go for Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP.

To Reduce operational costs

Enterprise resource planning helps to bring down the cost of operations. Based on the requirements the hospitals can go for best of breed or enterprise applications. This is an important step that helps hospitals to decide the appropriate Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP.

Hospitals can reduce their overheads through Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management ERP as it helps to integrate all functions namely Accounts, Finance, Human resources and brings them systems under one common database on the basis of ERP architecture.

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Features & Benefits

Profmax Healthcare ERP\ Hospital Management System (HMS) is a state-of-the-art software suite that offers comprehensive solutions to various segments of Healthcare Industry addressing all the issues from multi-discipline angels namely Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy, Hospital Management and Services. It is suitable for all types, sizes and specialties of Hospitals, small Nursing Homes, HMOs, Polyclinics and General Practitioners.

Profmax Healthcare ERP has been tested, proven and awarded for excellence in a large-scale, widely distributed, health care environment. Profmax has interviewed hundreds of physicians and other health care professionals to identify their requirements. We built our applications based on what they told us would help them take better care of their patients, make their practices more efficient and make their lives easier. Profmax Healthcare ERP delivers the clinical tools that providers want, and the business tools executives and managers need. The main features of Profmax Healthcare ERP include Integrated Design, Modular Structure, Multi Level Security, Easily Customizable, GUI Based and User Friendly.

Salient Features

  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Streamlines Healthcare processes
  • Single Integrated View to Patients for Billing, Collection, Patient Medical History, Discharge Detail etc
  • Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patients and request for the Bed Transfers
  • General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD Patients
  • Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas
  • Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility
  • Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patients history
  • Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Easy Centralized Backup Options
  • Highly secure, remote access with alternative devices (laptops, tablets, PDAs)

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Profmax Healthcare ERP or Hospital Management System (HMS) ERP provides both clinical as well as patient care aspects to hospital management. The software is divided into different modules, each addressing a specific activity of the hospital and there by facilitating better patient care. Each module can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated in a phased manner. Modules are designed so that they meet the present and future requirements of the hospital.

HMS offers various sub-systems and a seamless integration. By being modular, each module can be used as a stand alone solution or can be integrated in a phased manner. Modules are also so designed to meet the present as well as future requirements of the organization and process a unique ability with the business growth.

  • Front desk Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Management including Registration/Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Monitoring etc
  • Hospital Administration Management including Hospital Monitoring, Operation Theater (OT) Management, Ward Management, Bed Management etc.
  • Clinical Support Management including Laboratory, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Electronic Medical Records Management etc
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS/ HMS/ Human Capital Management (HCM)/ Talent Management)
  • Payroll Management
  • Doctors Workbench
  • Nursing Workbench
  • Patient Workbench
  • Patient Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Dietary (Food & Beverage) Management
  • Housekeeping/Laundry Management
  • Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
  • Insurance and Contracts Management
  • Management Information System (MIS) / Reports Management
  • User Security Management
  • Database Management

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Add on Features

  • Connectivity to multiple locations through Web, Wireless etc.
  • Real-time connectivity with Web-portals
  • Integration of Multiple units of Hospital
  • Bio-metric/ Smart Card integration for Attendance and Security Purposes
  • Interface with the Bar Code Scanners
  • SMS Alert System
  • Integration with Electronic Devices such as Display Boards, PDA's, Mobiles etc.

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