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Finance Management ERP

Finance Management ERP - Overview

Profmax works with clients to develop and deliver innovative solutions that can transform an organization's finance management capabilities. Our suite of integrated Enterprise Financial Management Solutions engineered for the most complex, multinational companies across a broad range of industries can help you gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices, and realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key business processes. These applications integrate with other solutions across departmental lines to help you implement departmental and industry best practices for all of your business processes. Our Finance Management ERP also enables companies to thrive in a business environment characterized by intensified competition, uncertain market conditions, and increased regulatory oversight.


Finance Management ERP: Human Resources, Inventory Manage, Purchasing, Sales, Product Coasts, Overhead Coasts,Financial Statement, Profit Center, Accounts Receivable Accounting, Accounts Payable Accounting, Asset Accounting, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss


As a seamlessly integrated solution, Our Finance Management ERP combines core accounting and reporting capabilities with financial supply chain, treasury, compliance, and performance management applications. These applications help you streamline finance business processes, reduce operating costs, manage risk, ensure compliance, and provide robust and timely business insight.

Our Finance Management ERP offers a unique advantage through market-leading financial management applications that enable your company to become a best-run business – and extend finance processes to encompass customers, suppliers, and financial institutions to optimize your financial value chain. Our solution empowers companies to become the highest-performing finance organizations in the world.

Supporting a broad range of industry-specific processes, Our Finance Management ERP solution is scalable and open architecture can help extend your existing financial system investments. It provides critical business insight and helps drive higher performance and increased shareholder value.

Our Finance Management ERP solution offers a unique advantage through market-leading financial management applications that enable your company to become a best-run business – and extend finance processes to encompass customers, suppliers, and financial institutions to optimize your financial value chain.

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Features & Functions

Profmax Finance Management ERP solution is a complete, end-to-end enterprise financial management solution designed to meet the needs of the most complex, multinational organizations. It provides core accounting and reporting capabilities with scalability to support the requirements of large multinational companies. The general ledger simultaneously supports parallel books of accounts, including those GAAP, IFRS, US-GAAP, and tax. The solution integrates accounts payable and receivable applications in high-volume environments. Complete integration with the general ledger ensures the most up-to-date balances and reporting accuracy.

It also streamlines receivables and collections management processes. These integrated solutions help you reduce operating costs, and improve cash flow and reduce days' sales outstanding. So you can quickly resolve invoice disputes and reduce the collections cycle through electronic customer billing and robust collaborative applications. Seamless integration with Profmax Finance Management ERP ensures the most up-to-date information and reporting accuracy.

Profmax Finance Management ERP comprises a robust set of applications that support all aspects of financial business activities such as

  • Ledger Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Transactions Reports/ Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • Taxes Management
  • Account Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • Assets Management
  • Depreciation Analysis and Management
  • Capital Management
  • Cash Flow & Funds Flow Management

With Profmax Finance Management ERP, numerous Reports such as Day Book, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Funds Flow, List of Accounts, Ledger Transactions Report, Departments /Sub-Division wise Report, Debtors Creditors Report, Confirmation Statements, Reminder Letters, Cash Books, Cash Transactions Report, Bank Books, Bank Reconciliation Report, Funds Transfer Report, Bank Transactions Report, Debit Note Reports, Credit Note Report, Payment Reports, Receipt Reports, Purchase Bills Pending, Purchase Order Report, Purchase Orders Pending, Purchase Quotation Report, Purchase Report, Purchase Sale Report, Sales Bill Pending, Sales Order Report, Sales Order Pending, Sales Quotation Report, Sales Report, Voucher Statistics Report and many more Reports can be generated providing robust and timely business insights.

The integration of our Enterprise Inventory solution with our Finance Management ERP allows a better control for stock management, Godown Management, Batch Process Management, Stock Rejection Management including Rejection In and Rejection Out, Stock Level Management, Bill of Material (BOM) Management. It also allows you to perform a comprehensive Stock Movement Analysis through various Inventory Reports.

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Tight Integration, Modular Adoption

Our Finance Management ERP is a family of applications in Profmax Enterprise product line. Our Financial ERP tightly integrates with other Enterprise applications, including Human Resource Management (HRM), Payroll ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory (CRM), Production Planning & Control Management, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management, to deliver complete solutions for all of your business processes. The modular nature of the Profmax Enterprise Financial Management family enables customers to deploy applications based on their specific needs.

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Business Benefits

Profmax Finance Management ERP provides you with the most comprehensive global financial management solution available today. With Profmax Finance Management ERP, you gain the following benefits to ensure compliance and predictable business performance:

  • Reduce overall finance costs – Profmax Finance Management ERP helps you innovate processes, collaborate with supply chain partners, and streamline operations to reduce costs and resource demands.
  • Achieve faster results – With Profmax Finance Management ERP, you can streamline accounting, consolidation, process scheduling, workflow, and collaboration.
  • Optimize global cash management – With Profmax Finance Management ERP, you can report, analyze, and allocate cash in real time, and establish in-house banks or payment centers.
  • Improve financial and managerial reporting – Profmax Finance Management ERP gives you the flexibility to report performance by business unit, organization, or cost center.
  • Improve overall corporate performance – Profmax Finance Management ERP provides the foundation to quickly read, evaluate, and respond to changing business conditions with accurate, reconciled and timely financial data.
  • Improve process integration – With Profmax Finance Management ERP, you can integrate risk and bank transactions with core accounting and financial reporting processes.
  • Improve corporate governance and transparency – Profmax Finance Management ERP provides broader support of accounting standards, federal regulations, and improved administration of internal controls.
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity – Profmax Finance Management ERP automates dispute, credit, and collections management – and offers electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that supplement traditional accounts receivable and accounts payable functions to accelerate and manage cash flow.

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Add-on Features

  • Connectivity to multiple locations through Web, Wireless etc.
  • RFID enabled tracking for Inventory
  • Integration with Electronic Devices such as Display Boards, PDA’s, Mobiles etc.

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