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Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

What is an ODC?

An Offshore Development Center or ODC is a dedicated development center located in India for software development, testing and support activity. The purpose behind an ODC is to take advantages of the technological know-how available in India, cost advantages and the reduced time to market.

We can assist a Client in setting up an Offshore Development Center, wherein the ODC, to start with, will run under our company. We assist in the operations of the ODC, providing the resources for development work, managing the ODC and complete lifecycle of Software Development. This frees the client from worry of the day-to-day operations of the ODC.

Establishment of an ODC

The process of setting up of an ODC is in phases.

Setting up of Physical Infrastructure : 4-6 weeks

(This is initial phase required to accomplish the infrastructure set up for the ODC - which would include setting up of the Physical Infrastructure & Development Environment.)

Setting up Computer/Communication infrastructure : 1 week

Manpower recruitment : 2-3 weeks

Make ODC Functional:

This phase deals with setting up of a functional process, which will be implemented and improved upon throughout the life of the ODC. A detailed discussion is held to decide on the process to set up the Communication protocol, Operational efficiency/Reporting structure, Specific roles and responsibilities assigned to specific personnel.