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Going ‘Green’ over Corporate Learning

Today, companies everywhere are increasing their focus on ecological responsibilities to reduce global warming. As they do so, many are learning that the efforts are not as painful as they imagined. Some save millions by reducing fuel consumption, and thus, emissions. Others turn “green” projects into productive, revenue-generating businesses.

These efforts go hand-in-hand with the mandate in many organizations to reduce travel costs. These days, travel constraints are often brought on by economic, rather than ecologic, concerns, but the saved money and reduced impact on the environment are just as real.

However, some aspects of corporate life still rely on travel—on face-to-face meetings. Training, for example, has traditionally been more effective in person than online or via teleconference methods, although that is changing. Why has training been more effective in person? Human nature. It is far easier for students to become distracted if they are not in a classroom setting.