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Business Intelligence

March 9, 2009 – Kanpur, India

New offerings enhance long-term business intelligence planning while increasing efficiencies

Profmax, a global IT Solutions, today announced two new Business Intelligence (BI) offerings that empower organizations with BI investments to meet long-term objectives and achieve cost savings. Profmax is introducing its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) program, which provides an integrated view of business performance through a set of reports, analytics, dashboards and scorecards. In addition, Profmax is introducing a BI Competency Center (BICC) program that increases the efficiency and agility of customer BI programs by deploying a Shared Services model.

The new CPM offering by Profmax, is a top down approach that ensures strategic goals of organizations being propagated down to operational levels. The program employs a unique methodology that identifies organizational objectives, and translates them into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be monitored and acted upon accordingly. Program features include KPI traceability, a wire frame driven approach for defining scorecards and dashboards, and solution accelerators that have pre-determined KPIs for specific industries and domains.

"Turbulent times urge businesses to focus on costs to attain sustained organizational efficiency. Businesses that adapt in testing times emerge stronger and perform better when the macroeconomic situation improves," said Paras Gupta, Director Education and Research at Profmax. "At Profmax we have helped customers implement BI solutions that help ferret out latent inefficiencies by implementing Performance Management (PM) Frameworks. Our CPM offering, built on a PM approach, helps align the entire organization to the basic business goals."

In addition to the CPM program, Profmax rolled out its BICC program to help customers with disparately managed BI applications and enterprise-wide BI initiatives, to optimize usage and productivity of resources. Deploying a pay-as-you-use model, the BICC offers customers a core team of development and architecture review experts to maintain all the BI initiatives, with ready access to additional BI resources as needed to ensure high performance.

"By leveraging the shared services model of our BICC, customers are also able to achieve greater cost efficiencies with their BI investment through faster decision-making, higher BI staff productivity and faster adoption of BI systems by business units," continued Paras.

The new CPM and BICC offerings enhance the core strengths of the Profmax Business Intelligence practice, which serves clients across industries, including Insurance, Capital Markets, Banking and Financial Services, Multi-markets, Manufacturing and Travel & Transportation. Profmax provides customers in these segments with consulting, development and maintenance services for solutions spanning enterprise level subject areas such as sales, marketing, supplier-spend, customer & profitability analytics and regulatory compliance.