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Technology and Astrology

We all know how much IT (Information Technology) has helped in doing astrological calculations in few seconds as compared to the hours taken in the past. This has lead to the spread of astrology and at least one can now easily calculate without putting in much effort.

Now, have you ever wondered how astrology could still be a science - despite some one looking at the chart based on lagna, moon signs or sun signs?

This is the very reason to why the scientists declared it a fraud and a pseudo science- which it is NOT.

It is based on chances or probabilities of an event likely to happen. For example, what are the chances of my marriage in 2009? Is it 30%, 60% or more. An astrologer can give an approximate prediction. There is no YES or NO answer as we generally give in sciences.

But, we do the same in quantum physics, market predictions/economics. We talk in terms of probabilities and chances. Don't we? So, why do we consider 'Astrology' an outcast?

Let us analyze this on the basis of two case studies.