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Test your Skills


  • What are Ports and Sockets? What are the differences between them? How can we implement these to send or receive objects onto the networks?
  • What is the meaning of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)? How can we implement to secure our network programming?
  • Is there any way to pool objects, such as anyone on the network can access them anytime? What are stubs and skeletons?
  • What do you mean by contexts such as Application Context, Security Context, etc? How can we implement any Context for our requirements?
  • What is the concept of DLL Hell? How the new generation language can get rid of it? What is the meaning of Assembly? Is there any relationship between DLL Hell and Assembly?
  • In Database, what do you mean by Arity, Cardinality, Assertions, Active Databases and Cursors? How can we implement them for our front-end?
  • What is the concept of Runtime Callable Wrappers and Com Callable Wrappers? How do they work? What is the concept of Interop Assemblies?
  • Can you provide a disconnected architecture in Old Generation Language such as VB 6.0? How can you print a Data Report on VB 6.0 without any back-end database connection?
  • What is the concept of DLL, EXE and Windows Services? Can you make them work for your application? What are the differences among them? Are there any syntax limitations while designing them?


  • What are all the methods used for Inter Thread communication and what is the class in which these methods are defined?
  • In how many ways we can create an object?
  • What is the meaning of supplying string[] args to main method?
  • What does "wrapping" an object mean?
  • How to pass commandline arguments in main function through Eclipse Tools (editors).
  • How many methods to read numbers and characters and what should be used?
  • What's the difference between Object and "E"?
  • What is the use of static data member?
  • Can anybody tell me which persistent technology can be used instead of Hibernate which is as compatible as Hibernate (not JDBC nor EJB) any parallel technology?
  • How to call stored procedure in mysql through hibernate?
  • What is different between Hibernate and iBatis?
  • Why Hibernate came in to picture?
  • How to invoke a stored procedure in Hibernate and pass in a parameter?
  • What J2EE design problems does Hibernate solves apart from Data Base in-dependency and being an ORM tool?
  • Why Hibernate is advantageous over Entity Beans & JDBC?
  • What is Hibernate proxy?
  • Explain java patterns in detail? Any difference between Design patterns and java patterns ?
  • How to use sorting technic in array list?
  • What is the DAO design pattern?
  • How many types of design patterns are there in Java? Which is suitable for any web-application?
  • What is Dynamic class in Java?