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Profmax works with many different kinds of partners serving a wide range of market segments. Through our enhanced Profmax Partner Program, we work hard to meet the needs of all our partners, providing you with the tools and resources you need to build your business and improve your bottom line.

Our comprehensive Partner program addresses the unique needs of your business.

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Partner Program

Program Overview

Partnership is a powerful tool and now, more than ever, we can use it to achieve better results together.

Profmax relies on the sales, technical and service expertise of our partners to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. To support those efforts, the Profmax Partner Program has been enhanced to provide simpler, more flexible opportunities to maximize your growth and profitability.

The Profmax Partner Program is a global business framework designed to meet the needs of partners that go to market in multiple ways. We have "right sized" our program to provide those partners who are most committed to developing their Profmax software practice with the best business development and financial support. And our market approach demonstrates a tremendous opportunity for all partners. 

Not only do we rely on partners to address the entire Small Business and Mid-Market opportunity, but we are counting on partners to serve two-thirds of the Enterprise customer base, as well. 

The Profmax Partner Program is structured to provide you with the maximum level of support based on your contribution and commitment, business model, markets served and location of business. When combined, these factors create your overall program benefits.

Program Benefits

At Profmax, we believe in the strength of togetherness and team work. Partnership has always been one of our key strategies to achieve rapid mutual growth in revenues and in business opportunities with the added advantage of strengthening client relationships.  

Profmax offers a wide range of IT & BPO services and solutions for all types of industries across the world. We welcome you to join our Profmax business partner community to help build value to your business and increase profits and to learn how our market leading technologies and tools can help you to deliver efficient and high quality solutions that address your customers' business needs.

Some key benefits for joining Profmax business partner community are:

  • Leveraging the wealth of Profmax resources, technology and solutions.
  • Aligning our services and products to deliver high quality enterprise solutions.
  • Expanding business network and market demand.
  • Sales, marketing and Business support for all types and sizes of firms.
  • Access to our up to date knowledge and usage of industry trends and market intelligence.
  • Resell Profmax products and solutions.

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