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Client's Testimonials

"Sammi, has been using inventory management ERP solution provided by Profmax, for over a year. It is an integral part of our business and has greatly improved our inventory tracking and customer relationships since we have installed it.

We were also able to integrate our existing accounting system with this Inventory ERP. This proves to be a real time saver and is a great asset to our accounting duties. The staff at Profmax systems is very easy to work with, professional, and courteous. We are truly enjoying our Inventory ERP and would recommend it to other companies.”

K. Saini, AGM , Sammi SoundTech


"Profmax delivers what it promises. It delivers on time, on budget, on quality. I am very, very pleased with the relationship."

Sandeep Maurya, COO, EnNatura


"We have been using Profmax’s ERP solution since last 6 months. Today our paperwork is almost zero. We are really happy to have them as our IT Strategic Partner."

Kanpur Branch Head, Jakson


"Satyam and Profmax, together we see a long term relationship. The involvement of Profmax in the completion of design and development was crucial to our success.

The quality processes, interim delivery methodology, reliability of delivery to time and cost were all fundamental improvements introduced by Profmax. I've not worked with a better development team."

Amit Gupta, Head Program Management, Satyam


"We have been using services of Profmax for development during the past two years and Profmax has consistently delivered high-quality work, often with very short timelines.

They have also been very involved in the delivery process, making sure they understand our needs as a customer."

Dinesh Pandey, Senior IT Manager, Adobe


"We were new to the concept of E-learning so as our staff. After Implementation, we were surprised to see that how easy it is to set up courses, upload content and assign users and it required very little support on our end. It has exceeded my expectations. The system is very easy to configure and use, and the service and support from Profmax has been truly exceptional. Thank you!"

Principal of a C.B.S.E. Board School at New Delhi


"We were looking for a complete Education ERP solution that needed to be implemented within three calendar months before the beginning of our new Session. Along with the team of Profmax, we did a very detailed analysis for the entire solution and were satisfied with its completeness to handle the needs. The Profmax team managed to deliver the solution right On-Time. We are now looking to go for the ISO certification with the help of this solution."

Director of a Law College at Greater Noida


"It was your team's demonstration of teamwork and willingness to think and act beyond organizational boundaries that helped us implementing the HR & Finance ERP solution with new technology, and new processes. This could not have been possible without your support and hard work."

Managing Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company


"I was very positively impressed with Profmax. Not only do they have an economic advantage, they also have a strong desire to "do it better". Perhaps most impressive was the attitude of the people whom I met."

IT director, large US chemicals company


"Congratulations! We are successful in running the payroll and pay all the employees on time. Profmax did a great job and in a record amount of time without any sleep. It paid off."

CEO of a BPO company at Noida


"I appreciate how well Profmax team has helped in transitioning to SAP. This is a result of excellent preparation, planning, execution and long hours. This excellent start indicates a smooth first day, first week, and first month is on the way."

Sandeep Kumar, Senior Consultant, Capgemini


"Profmax has been an active and integral part of our migration team. The migration of our programs to .Net Technology has been a challenge in many ways. Throughout these challenges, Profmax team has maintained focus and improved service quality resulting in customer delight."

Regional Head, Global IT company