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Case Studies

Streamlined Business Processes with complete Automation

Business Challenge

JAKSON and its Group Companies deal in World Class Products & Services for Power Generation, Distribution, Protection, Control and Automation. They needed a solution to streamline their business processes with complete automation. Jaksons had legacy system that could not effectively plan and manage processes, new product development, change management or program management. Moreover, a significant percentage of information was not reused between business segments causing redundancy of efforts and wastage of precious man hours. Clint needed a complete Business solution integrating its various departments including HR, Finance and various functional areas.

Our Solution

To streamline business processes, the organization engaged Profmax, which worked with numerous business segments to implement their ERP solution including HR, Payroll and Finance Modules. The Profmax team rolled out the entire solution to the various business segments in a phased manner, while integrating them tightly with other systems. Furthermore, Profmax provided complete training and education to the users and helped them adapt to their new system.

Benefits Realized

By partnering with Profmax, the client has reaped numerous benefits. For example, the centralized ERP solution, with its single data source. It also reduced duplicative efforts, errors and integrity issues. Besides improving the productivity and reducing costs, the client also has expedited its business cycle time. Furthermore, the executive team gained excellent visibility for effective business planning and shortened time-to-market for new products.