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Case Studies

Education ERP

Business Challenge

The client, a Law College at Greater Noida, needed a complete automation with the inter connectivity between all its departments and functional areas. The client already had stand alone softwares through different vendors for registration of students, Fees Collection and Result generation. Since there was no inter connectivity between those stand alone softwares, that’s why each functional group was maintaining its information from scratch which was redundant and reducing the productivity of the staff. Some times there were ambiguities in the reports for the same class generated through different standalone softwares. On few occasions Client has lost data as there was no centralized backup system.

The client had major issues in maintaining and viewing the past session records. Any slight change in the course structure for current session was causing problems to the marksheets generated in the previous sessions. Same issue was with the Fee structure. Any change in the Fee structure was causing problems with the previously generated Fee Receipts. Client also had problems in getting service and support as the standalone software from different vendors were running on the same system and at the time of occurrence of any problem, identifying root cause was an issue.

Client also needed a solution to maintain its staff information along with payroll and complete finance solution for maintaining its Accounts.

Our Solution

Profmax provided a centralized Education Management ERP along with HR, Payroll and Finance modules that helped the organization manage, assess, identify, plan, and monitor the entire system on a continuous basis. It took around 3 months from solution definition till implementation with complete education & training of the staff. To help management and the staff, the basic setup and data feeding was done by the team of Profmax and some of their important reports including the results of the current session were matched with the manual prepared reports. The management was surprised to see the previously unidentified defects in their existing system. Gradually the system was rolled out to the users after their complete training and education.

The management of the college was very much impressed after seeing the results from the request management system that was integrated along with the HR Management system. The Request Management System had improved the service quality across different Departments and most of the people were getting their requests resolved without moving from their desks.

The solution also helped standardizing the overall student and staff administration process promoting self service features for all the users. The biggest issue of client was now resolved as all the data has now been managed in a time sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information could be re-produced as it is.

Benefits Realized

  • Savings from phased-out legacy systems
  • Streamlined Education Processes
  • Automated Important Functions
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Big Savings in Person-hours
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved data and process integrity
  • Enhanced operational security
  • Reinforced accountability and transparency